Who we are
The architectural office Skala Sp. z o.o., established in 2015 on the initiative of the company owner, architect Marcin Fryzowski, is a highly-qualified team of architects with long-term experience in designing collective residential buildings – hotels, buildings for sports, leisure, rehabilitation and wellness centres; public utility, industrial, residential, health service and office buildings, shopping centres, multi-functional building complex quarters, as well as new technology campuses. Skala is also about our closely cooperating partners – construction designers, specialists in the field of management of construction process, legal service and analytics, visual identification and commercialisation of real property investment.
The team of architects and project managers supervised by architect Marcin Fryzowski is composed of the following individuals:
  • arch. Paweł Jarmolowicz – office manager,
  • arch. Aldona Krukowska – architect designer,
  • arch. Martyna Zielińska – architect designer,

and regular collaborators in the following specialisations:

  • Management of the construction process – Marek Ziemblewicz, DAVON Sp. z o.o.,
  • Interior design office – Anna Budnik, BUDNIK ATELIER,
  • Commercialisation of office, residential and public utility investments – Lucyna Kobza,TPS,
  • Commercialisation of hotel investments – Monika Dolecka, IRH,
  • Construction office – Radosław Michalski, FORT POLSKA,
  • Electrical installation design office – Tomasz Lotkowski, ATEL,
  • Sanitary installations design office – Arkadiusz Burnicki, PHU INSTAL – PROJEKT,
  • Independent hotel industry consultant – Michał Barczak,
  • Graphic studio – Andrzej Mioduszewski,
  • Real estate trade office – Sławek Szostek, SZOSTEK NIERUCHOMOŚCI,
  • Certified property valuer – Piotr Kuchciński, KUCHCIŃSKI CONSULTING,
  • Wellness and rehabilitation functions operator – Michał Danowski, ACCESS MED,
  • Independent Public Relations consultant – Ewa Szejner